Do Facebook “Likes” actually matter to your business?

How many businesses do you know who brag about how many Facebook “Likes” their page has?  In most cases, this mean NOTHING!

For openers, let’s take this outside of the realm of Facebook and just talk about marketing.  If your company printed and mailed 10,000 postcards that solicited some kind of response, you would expect to see this response in phone calls in, emails in or people actually going to your website as a result.  What if all 10,000 people just said “I like that postcard” and then just threw it away and did nothing with it?  Would you say that was a good result?

These days it is no different with Facebook.  Getting excited about “likes”, or having a campaign focused on getting people to “like” your post or pages is mostly meaningless.

I have included the link to a very good article showing what you should be using to monitor the actual effectiveness of your Facebook campaign.

READ ARTICLE : 4 Facebook Metrics every Company should be measuring



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