h2o Hackathon Site Completion

h2o Hackathon

Media Creations just completed design on the new h2o Hackathon website for the upcoming event.  This event will be hosted by San Joaquin County Office of Education in March 2017 close to the Stockton Airport.  High School students will learn to develop software applications using IBM’s Bluemix platform.  They will compete in teams of 5 including one teacher per team.  This should provide a great learning opportunity for young adults here in Stockton CA.

Media Creations has done this under its new group, Innovate Stockton, a local based technology co-op who’s purpose is to bring technology solutions and training to Stockton, CA.


Media Creations completes “BOSS Copier Smash Video”


Media Creations, Stockton based Video and Film production company,  completed the “BOSS Copier Smash” commercial last week.  This was done together with Mindslap Media through our new co-op, Innovate Stockton.  Take a look at the video at www.bosscopy.com/copier-smash.    Also, watch for more upcoming video completions that are in the works.


Where The Water Flows Music Video Complete

Media Creations recently completed production on “Where The Water Flow” music video.  The song was written and composed by Ben Zarai and the vocals were by David Kitchens.  The song was contracted by Restore the Delta, a non-profit organization based in Stockton, CA.  Restore the Delta is leading the fight in stopping the proposed Delta Tunnels that would be the final blow to the Bay Delta Estuary.  Check it out and share it so everyone can see.


Didn’t make 1st but had fun trying…

Media Creations, Russell Fisher along with MindSlap Medias, Steve Airola recently completed producing a Doritos ad contest commercial titled “The Interview”.  A funny spot featuring actors Steve Airola and Breana Wells with a small part from Russell Fisher.  This was the kick-off of a new joint effort by both companies to bring their talents to the table and offer production of web and television commercials.

They are currently in pre-production on a new ad campaign for BOSS Business Systems, Inc. called “Hate Your Copier?”.  Stay tuned for some funny ads to come from this campaign.  Word on the street is that the copiers don’t make out so well!  See “The Interview” below.


New Crash The Super Bowl Ad


Media Creations, along with MindSlap have just completed a funny new Doritos ad.  Please click the link below to watch it and vote 5 stars every day!  Help us get into the semi-finals.

Watch Now


Do Facebook “Likes” actually matter to your business?

How many businesses do you know who brag about how many Facebook “Likes” their page has?  In most cases, this mean NOTHING!

For openers, let’s take this outside of the realm of Facebook and just talk about marketing.  If your company printed and mailed 10,000 postcards that solicited some kind of response, you would expect to see this response in phone calls in, emails in or people actually going to your website as a result.  What if all 10,000 people just said “I like that postcard” and then just threw it away and did nothing with it?  Would you say that was a good result?

These days it is no different with Facebook.  Getting excited about “likes”, or having a campaign focused on getting people to “like” your post or pages is mostly meaningless.

I have included the link to a very good article showing what you should be using to monitor the actual effectiveness of your Facebook campaign.

READ ARTICLE : 4 Facebook Metrics every Company should be measuring




Local Ag Packing house shots used in corporate video

A portion of Media Creations footage that was shot at a local Stockton Cherry processing/packing house were used in the Unitec promotional video and website header seen here.  The video was shot using the Sony FS700.  The high frame rate captured some amazing shots of the cherry sorting automation process.  Contact us today for a quote!


Media Creations Completes – “The Real Cost of the tunnels”


In the continuing campaign to promote the crimes of the current California Drought, Media Creations completed the next in a series of videos contracted by Restore the Delta, a non-profit Stockton based grass roots movement.  This video takes a radical approach at some very pressing issues for the State of California.


The video was shot on the Sony FS700 in 4K.  In addition, most aerial shots were shot with the new Phantom 3 Professional.  The Voice Over talent was Alex D’Lerma who recorded at Juniper Post in Los Angeles, CA.  The script was written by Robert Lundahl and edited by Barbara Barrigan-Parilla of Restore the Delta.  All editing and sound were completed in FCPX.

Stay tuned for the next video, it may be a big surprise to all!



Media Creations ads new Phantom 3 Pro to the arsenal

Media Creations just acquired  their brand new DJI Phantom 3 Professional.  Now with a very stable gimbal, and the ability to capture 4K video, this drone truly is a step above most on the market.

Take a look at the sample below shot on the Sacramento River in Courtland, CA.  A true test of stability, this was shot in 25 MPH wind.


Media Creations to produce Restore the Delta videos



Media Creations has been contracted by Restore the Delta to produce a series of 6 videos that illustrate the importance of saving and protecting the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary.  A grant received by Restore the Delta from Metabolic Studios is funding the production of these important videos.  Stay tuned for updates as the production starts.  Click here to read the full article.